​​​​​The Friends of White Hill Mansion

Historic Timeline of White Hill Mansion

1722 - Robert Field (1) purchased White Hill and built a one and a half story house on the property.

1757 -  Robert Field (2) inherited White Hill.

1775 - Robert Field (2) drowns mysteriously in the Delaware River.

1776 - Captain Houston of the American Navy docks at White Hill and joins Mary for dinner.  This resulted in her neighbors reporting her as a colonial sympathizer.

1776 - December 8th the British army invades Mary’s home looking for rebel colonial soldiers.

1776 - December 12th Captain Wrenden of the Hessian army makes White Hill his temporary quarters.  During his stay Colonel, Carl von Donop visited Mary.

1779 - The Widow Field married Commodore Thomas Read.  Thomas decides to make White Hill his County Seat.

1779 - Mary assists Commodore John Barry escape capture by the British.

1788 - Commodore Thomas Read dies at White Hill.

1797 - Mary signs White Hill over to her son Robert (3) and his wife Abigail Stockton

1804 - Robert (3) loses White Hill due to mismanagement.  To save his sister’s good name Richard Stockton purchased White Hill and allowed Robert and Abigail to remain in the Mansion.

1832 - David Bruce invented a new typesetting machine at White Hill, as well as perfecting typefaces still in use.

1847 - Senator Isaac Field purchased White Hill

1853 -  The Name of White Hill was changed to Fieldsboro to honor the Field family.

1885 - Joseph Mayer bought the property and developed several pottery techniques at White Hill.

1896 - The Mansion was traded to Joseph Crossley for a building in Trenton and $10,000.

1897 - Famous pollster, Archibald Crossley is the last baby to be born at White Hill.

1922 - Heinrich and Katrina Glenk purchase White Hill and open an upscale German restaurant in 1923.

1972 - Katrina Glenk sold White Hill to a consortium.  The name is changed from Glenks White Hill Mansion Restaurant to "The Mansion”.

1977 - The Mansion Restaurant is sold to the Zusack Family

1991 - Stepan Company bought White Hill with plans to open corporate offices in the Mansion.

1999 - Learning that Stepan planned to demolish the building, the Borough of Fieldsboro purchased the Mansion.

2004 - Preservation efforts begin

2009 - The Historic Trust of New Jersey awarded a grant to Fieldsboro.

2011 - The first archaeological dig is conducted and the Preservation Plan is completed.  These projects were partially funded with the HTNJ grant.

2012 - The New Jersey State Review Board for Historic Sites approved the nomination to submit White Hill Mansion to the State Register.

2013 - The White Hill Mansion becomes a State Registered Historic Place.