​​​​​The Friends of White Hill Mansion

This event is hosted by:

​John Cohill & South Jersey

Soul Searchers 

This event is hosted by:

Linda Attwood & Keystone Spirit Seekers

after the expo

This event is hosted by:

Barry Ruggerio

September 8

Book a night or schedule a visit per hour if you'd like to try this challenge

Email - whitehillinfo@gmail.com for times and dates available. 


Ghost Hunts

Refunds can be issued up to 10 days before your date after that time sales are final.

September 29

Ever feel the need to hang out in a haunted house for a few hours?  Bring a friend and explore the 300-year-old mansion with experienced ghost hunter and see what can happen.

Bring a flashlight, camera, audio recorder or any other equipment you would like to experiment with. We caution you not to bring anything too bulky since you'll be moving around quite a bit during the evening.  

The gates are open from 7 pm to 12 am.  There are heat & electricity in the building but no running water. There is a trailer on site with bathroom facilities. 

You will be given a tour of the mansion which includes a historical account of the building and of the hauntings ( if you choose). The rest of the evening is left for you to investigate.  You are not locked in and can leave anytime.

If you'd like to schedule your own event at the Mansion, please email: whitehillinfo@gmail.com

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