​​​​​The Friends Of White Hill Mansion

Frank Lazzaro

Spiritual Advisor - is Lisa is clairaudient, clairvoyant and an empath. Through her readings, she guides people to get on the right path spiritually, which in turn will lead them to a more fulfilled life. Lisa feels that her gift to others is a gift to herself as well, because there is nothing greater in life than helping another person, and she considers herself truly blessed for that.

Amazing Mutts Puppy Rescue - are committed to find the best FUREVER homes possible for these amazing mutts! All of our pups come from rural areas of SC, & NC. Come meet your new best friend!!!

Necklaces with Meaning - For over five years, Necklaces with Meaning has been offering unique and rare genuine gemstones and sterling silver jewelry. Check out the energy the stones have to offer and see which one picks you!

Demonstrations & Lectures

On Angel's Wings - Eager to help others understand the metaphysical world around them, On Angel's Wings offer a large selection of items. They carry many types of protective oils, stones, and crystals. They have workshops and offer classes on Psychic Development, Crystals, Ghost Hunting and classes on how to connect with your own angels and Reiki classes. There is just about a class for everything you need to know about the metaphysical world.

Barb Johns – Watch Master Spinner Barb Johns spin fleece on her authentic Colonial Spinning Wheel.  Barb is trained in spinning and weaving.  Her display includes equipment needed to prepare materials for spinning in colonial times.

Join us on September 23, 2017 

 History & Paranormal Expo

Because History matters. 

See real ghost hunters and the equipment that they use.

Hear and see what they've captured. 

Wayne Hollendonner – Double Exposure Photography.
I have been a photographer for many years with a personal passion for quite images that have a movement within the composition. Sometimes haunting, sometimes mysterious, with questions invited to be answered. The images I will be displaying have been shot in various places around the country. 

Kenny Biddle

Bio - Kenny Biddle is a science enthusiast and skeptical investigator of paranormal claims. He’s been involved in photography for over twenty years. He applies his knowledge, experience, and critical thinking skills to analyzing alleged paranormal photographs and video to determine the most plausible causes, as well as deconstructing devices that claim to communicate with, detect and/or capture ghosts. His work has been featured in several skeptical publications.

Keystone Spirit Seekers (KEYSS) - is a team of paranormal investigators, based in Bucks County Pa, dedicated to 'unlocking the truth'. The goal of the team is to aid the community with any issues that may be paranormal in nature.

Mario and Frank’s, located in Fieldsboro is a favorite among locals.  Enjoy authentic Italian cuisine featuring pizza made with the finest mozzarella, vine-ripened tomatoes and the very freshest ingredients.

keystone spirit seekers

Paranormal Enlightenment Magazine - is filled with facts, idea, thoughts and views from some of the best in the para world! Every month they spotlight a location and delve deeper into the world around us. They are also the online home to the Outcasts of Radio featuring podcasts with different personalities and views from around the paranormal community.

fairless hill paranormal

Some of the vendors coming.....

Fairless Hills Paranormal was created to help bring the paranormal world out the the public and are dedicated to helping individual who are experiencing paranormal activity and have unanswered questions. 

Tour the Mansion

Marti Haines

New Jersey Researchers of Paranormal Evidence(NJROPE) is a tight knit group of investigators, each with different backgrounds. They maintain a skeptical view regarding reported paranormal activity and strive to find alternative reasons for their occurrences. 

More to come soon!

New Jersey Parks Department.  Marisa Bozarth is a tour guide at the Burlington County Prison Museum, an attendant at Smithville Park and the head of the Burlington County Historians Round Table.  Marisa will have information about the Parks Department as well as a calendar of upcoming events.

Colonial Games for Kids