​​​​​The Friends Of White Hill Mansion

Upcoming Events for 2017



Events and Happenings

​​White Hill Mansion
217 Fourth St (Burlington St)
Fieldsboro, NJ 08505
email: whitehillinfo@gmail.com

Saturday, May 6 - Roaring 20's Party7pm

Byob and come hang out in the coolest Speakeasy in town! 1920's attire suggested. $35 pp.

Adults only.

Tickets available now

Sunday, April 30

Sunday, May 28

Sunday, June 25

​Sunday, July 30

Open House

Saturday, August 26 - Public Ghost Hunt


Saturday July 1 - Public Ghost Hunt

Tickets will be available for purchase May 1.

There's more stuff coming.....

Saturday, May 27 - Public Ghost Hunt - 7pm

Just like on TV. Hang out in the dark and see what happens. Tickets sellout quickly. $35 pp. Age 16 and older. 

Tickets available now


Sunday, April 30 - 1pm - 3pm

Over the years plenty of people have lived their lives at the White Hill Mansion. Some of them may still be here.  Learn about the people who lived and died in the house.

We ask for a $10 donation. 

100% of all donations go directly to the restoration of White Hill Mansion


Sunday, August 27

Saturday, Sept 24

Sunday, Oct 29

Sunday, Nov 26

​​​​​Friday 2 - Paint Partyhttp://www.villageartsnj.com/paint-nights/

​​Saturday June 17 Public Ghost Hunt


Open only by appointment in December.

Open House Dates in 2017

from 1pm - 3pm